Daniel De Laney is a designer.

Explorer Suite Project

A case study of my most recent project. I talk about my process, user research, data visualization problems, and more.

There is Definitely a Grid

If you reject standards out of hand because they’re not interesting enough, you’re simply bowling for bad solutions.

The Eli Schiff Problem

A lighthearted response to a popular series of articles which critique the current trends in visual design.

The Right Way to Unsubscribe

Many unsubscribe processes are confusing or deceptive. Unsubscribing can be straightforward.

The Fear of Being Right

The important thing is how well your design works, not what people think of it. Do your best work, even if you don’t get any credit for it.

We Need A Bigger Touch Screen

Imagining the near future of touch human-computer interaction, in which screens are as big as our bodies want them to be.

Never Use the Confirm Dialog

A call to do better than browser default dialogs. Even if we assume confirmation is necessary, the confirm dialog is a bad way to get it.

Checkboxes Are Never Round

Reviewing the basics of interation design. Making a checkbox round is like labeling the Push side of a door Pull.

Daniel has no interest in decoration or novelty for its own sake. He just wants to find the essence of things and present the honest truth, without any stage tricks.

E-mail Daniel at hello@danieldelaney.net.